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Starting April 18th, 2015 - Accelerated Weekend Boot Camp at the MGHPCC Facility in the Springfield | Hartford Area (Link)

New! - 2-Day Weekend Website Building for Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits on April 4-5, 2015 - click here

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We believe that the goal of a learning venue should be to help you accomplish your goals, whether it be to find a job, launch you into a business endeavor of your own, or even to set the stage for a promotion.  We also believe that learning a new topic shouldn't cost as much as a mortgage on a home.  And we firmly believe that everyone learns at a different pace, and that the role of a learning endeavor should allow for different speeds of learning.

Think of us as a Meetup on steroids - a study group with cohorts interested in the same topic, Drupal web development.  TECHBOOTCAMPS offers a unique program that helps you as you move from a 'beginner' to an employable Drupal Site Administrator, Drupal Site Builder, or a Drupal Developer.  We do that in either our 8 or 9-week learning venue. It's really up to you. We do this with a modified "flipped classroom" approach, where you study from the 1,100 videos we provide.  During the boot camp, you can either continue to study the materials, get into discussions with our coaches and mentors about different approaches to solve a problem, or even sit knees to knees with one of our coaches as you build your portfolio of websites that you'll need to show an employer.

In the early weeks, most cohorts work through our video lectures in class. As you progress - AT YOUR PACE - our mentors help you over the obstacles you'll (most definitely) encounter along the way, when working with an "Open Source" platform.  But within a few weeks, you'll be designing your first websites, with our mentors helping you to accomplish your individual website goals.  Our primary focus is to help you "convert knowledge into wisdom" by assisting you on your learning journey through the building of websites - versus listening to lectures.  We call this project-based learning. Does it work? Think about how you've learned any other skill. Did you learn it all from a book, video or audio tape?  Or did you have to practice the skill, ask co-workers questions, and get into discussions about the topic?

I received my first job offer for $90,000 (CAD) from a Vancouver company, one day before the boot camp ended. ~ Will Chan, June 2014 Boot Camp

TECHBOOTCAMPS was an amazing learning experience that not only taught me a lot about building high-quality websites, but also helped me better quantify my role as a content strategist. Highly recommended to anyone who needs to understand the power of today’s technologies.” ~ Loyd Searle, The Value Sell, October 2014 Boot Camp

You can participate for as low as $3900.  Our list price is $5900, but that includes a Mac Book Pro or PC laptop equivalent.  You absolutely need to keep your work with you, so we don't want you leaving the technology behind when you graduate.  We also offer a $500 discount/scholarship for ALL females, vets, and selected minorities that are underrepresented classes in the software engineering field: Latinos, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and African Americans.  And if you have your own laptop, that will take your cost down by another $1500.  

During the last week of these immersion boot camps, we go a step further for you.  We invite employers in to meet you and to see your work, over a series of Career Days, which ended up extending to a Career Week.  To learn more, apply for one of our boot camps, or enter to win a FULL scholarship, click on the appropriate button below: